Whiplash!While I’m not the biggest fan of Halloween (I get enough vicarious dread and terror from a typical newscast), it’s certainly more entertaining than most holidays. And the festive music of the season is so much better than the true horror of Christmas carols. And speaking of that, don’tcha ever mourn how the true meaning of Halloween has been kind of been lost in all the crass commercialism and plastic pumpkin totes? I mean, if I was a religious person I could get all worked up over our pagan traditions reduced to silly parties and kids begging for candy.

But I’m not so religious, so let’s hear something ridiculous. After all, there’s only a few shopping days left. This beat up old cassette was re-discovered by Georgia Todd. There’s not much on this tape. Just one song really. But, it’s a powerful little tune full of testosterone and mischief. Here’s Todd’s description:

Short and sour amateur metal (or a joke?). Great. All the attitude, none of the skills. New distortion guitar song writing, and the lyrics match the playing level.

There ya go. Apparently somebody is going to die. Possibly in a car accident. And his name might be Alex. Quite a bit of guitar experimentation with monkey-like interludes. I guess you could call this a demo. If it is, I’d sure like to hear the complete version with the full band.

Have a safe holiday.


2 Responses to “Whiplash!”

  1. mike Says:

    Doc, this recording- and this here new blog of yours- wow. PURE GENIUS. Surely this recording ended up on the junk heap of history by accident- for if I had made it, you can rest assured I would pass it on as a treasured heirloom to my descendants.

    Keep bringing the good stuff. I’ll lap it right up. BEST. BLOG. EVAR.

    I have to say the context-“relevant” google ads are almost as entertaining. Whiplash law! Ha ha ha! Priceless.

  2. Andy Says:

    Professor, I hereby bestow upon thee the title of Internet King Forever.


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