Still Here, Still Happening

When I started this site (and its sister blog) a month ago I wasn’t sure how the rhyme and rhythm of posting would play out when creating content for two blogs became part of my day to day reality. But now I’m starting to get a better idea. At least for me, blogging takes time…

I certainly understand that the conventional wisdom for successful blogging is to generally write short pithy entries and to post often– daily or more if possible. And as I’ve been putting together (and editing) content, I keep these things in mind– cutting back on windy diatribes and pushing myself to finish a post so I can move on to the next. However, it’s become obvious to me that the way I like to work doesn’t lend itself to putting out a steady stream of short concise posts. I like to ruminate a bit.

So if you like a look to a blog for lots of quick chuckle-packed posts– I’m not the guy. As much as I’d like to be posting here everyday, I can’t seem to squirrel away enough time to make that happen. My personal goal has been to try to get two or three posts a week up on each blog, and maybe I’ll get there. But when I dig into some found recordings, it takes a little time to get acquainted with the audio. There’s often some discovery (or re-discovery) process I have to go through before I can write something meaningful. While I hate to give away too much of the plot or engage in a lot of speculation, I think that posting audio with a brief “this is really weird,” or “this is a laugh riot” is rather boring and uninspiring. With each substantive post, I hope to write something that will have some meaning without actually listening to the audio, and perhaps encourage someone who might not otherwise listen to the accompanying to actually click on it.

My writing background is in journalism, and long-form non-fiction. And I’m here at this blog to write, as much as I am to offer you compelling captures of radio broadcasting. It involves taking the time to listen, research and cogitate on each recording I offer here. And I like discovery. It’s just that it takes time, and blogging has to compete with work, life and raising a kid.

Perhaps not surprisingly, after pounding away to edit down the last three posts I’ve written for these two blogs, they still weighed in at over two-thousand words each. I suppose there will be times when there’s not so much to say, and some entries won’t take as long to put together. I do know there are some bloggers who just put up a picture of their cat or post a bunch of inane animated GIF files when they have nothing to say, or no time to say it. If that’s what it takes to keep the blog traffic up, then I guess I’m in trouble. I’d like to think I’m offering a different kind of blog– an online magazine for people who still have a little patience, a moderate attention span, and curious ears.

I have noticed  more people finding this blog and then checking back for new content. And as the operator of two new blogs in search of an audience, I want you to know that I’m not forgetting you, the browser. While I was putting up posts at a pretty good clip since the launch of this thing, a large block of work and a short holiday weekend getaway kind of put the kibosh on my personal production line for a few days. Now I’m back, working on two or three posts at once here (including this one). And I hope you’ll keep coming back to see what’s cooking.

And then there’s the good news. While I’m discovering that I’m a bit bound by my own pace and way of doing things, what I do have in abundance is ideas for posts and lots of recordings to offer you. I really am looking forward to dipping into the piles of amateur recordings in search of finding entertaining and enlightening audio to share with you here. And thanks a lot for all the nice email, and encouraging feedback. It means a lot.

Just keeping you informed. Thanks for coming by. Now, I have to get back to work…

3 Responses to “Still Here, Still Happening”

  1. Kevin Says:

    Hey Professor, you are very generous to offer this reflection for your audience. Be assured that your efforts are appreciated here. Not all channels have to be broadcasting at the same rate, right? It’s a rhythm of reception as well. Great to see your attention to the medium, the voices, the audience coming through in relation to blogging, as we’ve seen it in relation to radio. You’re so right about the need to not just be glib about these found pieces. Knowing more about the context for found works helps us not turn these strangers into freaks – but we can’t always know the context, right? So I think hearing someone reflect about what that context MIGHT have been is the next best thing, keeping us on the right side of voyeurship, wary from the snooty position of the knowing chuckle. THANKS AND KEEP UP THE GOOD ART!

  2. Brian Says:

    Prof, both of your blogs look great. And I would concur that it’s better to write and approach the form the way you feel comfortable doing, that’s the beauty of a blog. I certainly don’t see any of your observations here that I wish you had edited.

    I’ll be reading, listening and clicking…

  3. prof Says:

    Appreciate the good words guys. And I do apologize that I haven’t been able to put together these posts as quickly as I’d like. I just finished the rejected ladies on the answering machine post today, and I started working on it over a week ago. And I thought this one would be quick and easy…

    Thanks for sticking with me here. More good stuff on the way!

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