Chunky Homestyle Breakdown

The web stream that accompanies the Audio Kitchen blog (“Chunky Homestyle Radio”) is down. My non-stop audio-stream of found and obscure recordings is on hiatus until I can resolve a technical problem here at the house. The other day I noticed that the cranky old Pentium II box that sends out the chunky sounds  had shut down. And then after rebooting the old boy a couple times and restarting the stream I’ve come to realize that the computer will only run for an hour or two before passing out again. My hardware guru tells me it’s probably the power supply or the processor fan. I have yet to actually open it up and learn more.

So, Chunky Homestyle Radio will be probably be down for over a week or two as I try to resolve this issue. I’m going to hold back on buying parts until I take a look at a newer machine (a Pentium 4, I believe) that a friend has promised me. If I see that it’s actually fit I may upgrade to the new computer, which will take at least a few more days or longer to set up.

However, I have to admit that I wish I could report that I’ve received numerous complaints about this outage. But sadly, nobody seems to have noticed but me. And frankly, I’ve been surprised and a little dismayed at) how few people have actually taken advantage of the Chunky Homestyle station I installed with this blog. Perhaps I haven’t promoted it very well, but since I opened this site for business there was only a smattering of interest in Chunky Homestyle Radio. And within a few weeks the listenership dropped down to little more than a handful of people tuning in at one time, and then often none at all.

While it takes me quite a bit of time to get the posts where organized and written, but the Chunky stream has always been a way I could easily and indiscriminately share my bulging collection of home recorded detritus. It’s no surprise to me that providing some context would drum up anticipation and curiosity and make the make listening to the blog post audio more popular than clicking on the Chunky Homestyle stream and its random deluge of found sound. There’s many hundreds of hours of conversations and performances and untold numbers of lost dispatches and messages in the Chunky Homestyle Radio library. I personally find it an intriuging stew of words, noise and situation. But there is no announcer or  blogger to guide your mind through the arbitrary blather. Maybe it’s too much for anybody to handle. I don’t know. Either way, the Chunky stream will be coming back sometime soon. At least for a while.

Also, sorry there hasn’t been a new post here in a little while. But the good news is that I’m taking a little break from working on a new Audio Kitchen post just to let you know why the Chunky Radio link is not operational right now. And to be honest, I’ve been posting more often over at my radio blog (The Radio Kitchen) just because I’ve been getting substantially more traffic and feedback over there so far. Which is kinda funny, because my original inspiration was to only create this blog. The Radio Kitchen site was sort of an afterthought.

And in the spirit of after-thinking, let me append this post with some mildly savage multimedia content out of the many hundreds of files that have been in rotation on Chunky Radio. This is some burnin’ some lo-fi tribal rock unearthed on a soiled cassette tape by the late and great “Georgia” Todd Butler. As I recall, this was the only audio recorded on this particular tape. The subject matter is ostensibly about a certain earring and a back door. The real meaning is anybody’s guess.

Wang-Q – Q-Shaped Earring  1:22


That’s it. Now I’ll get back to work on the next Audio Kitchen post, which should be up soon. Expect more tales of youth, desire and passion. And less.

6 Responses to “Chunky Homestyle Breakdown”

  1. Loopy C Says:

    Well so ya know, I DID notice! I was waiting a few days ( I actually thought it might be a service provider thing) before writing. Miss it, was setting aside big ‘chunks’ of listening time just to listen so hope to see it back soon

    > “…the Chunky stream has always been a way I could easily and indiscriminately share my bulging collection of home recorded detritus.”

    That’s exactly what I love about it

    …and check your ‘tip jar’ 😉

  2. prof Says:

    Hey Loopy, thank you SO much for your $$ contribution to the site. It means a lot. Not that I’m apt to mention it, but these blogs have been a huge outlay of time and energy. And I’m far from wealthy.

    I do appreciate your support!

  3. Susannah Says:

    Don’t lose heart. I spend a lot of time in front of a computer but don’t necessarily have the leisure to listen to streaming audio while I’m there. I read the Audio Kitchen on my blog aggregator (sans Chunky Homestyle) and drop your downloads on my iPod to liven up the playlist when I’m out and about.

    As a result, the Audio Kitchen has been responsible for at least one first in the history of human experience — I’m pretty sure no one ever walked through Strasbourg while listening to “Secret Agent Cat” before. Please keep it up.

  4. Scott Says:

    I noticed Chunky Homestyle was “off the air,” as it were, a day or two ago – and was just coming back to the site to see if it had returned when I saw your post. Yes, it’s missed! Hope you can get it up and running again soon…

  5. scott Says:

    Any updates on Chunky Homestyle? I’m suffering withdrawal symptoms…

  6. Loopy C Says:

    Still checking in for any news? I hope you will consider having it again (I’ll even pay for the power supply!)

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